Acute Injury Rehabilitation

Our goal is to get you back to what you love (….or work) as soon as possible

How Do you manage Acute Injury Rehabilitation?

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, athlete, involved in a work-related injury or a motor vehicle accident, the intense pain that can be associated with an acute injury can be debilitating. During Injury Rehabilitation at our physiotherapy clinic, we will perform a full physical examination to determine the extent of your injuries and from there we will develop a treatment plan or determine if you need referral for imaging or other medical management. The initial goal when dealing with an acute injury is to decrease the pain experienced then it’s to regain function and return to your normal activities. To do this, we will use a combination of manual therapy techniques, exercise, dry needling, IFC/ultrasound, ice/heat, and taping. Our goal is to get you back to what you love (….or work) as soon as possible.
Injury Rehabilitation Okotoks

Our Customer Reviews

Alan Top
kelli lomenda
I am a new patient at AISS and I have had the best experience. Dr. Robertson is AWESOME! She listens and makes you feel comfortable and at ease. I have had issues with a past knee injury that has limited my mobility and after my first session with her I had instant improvements! I also work at a desk all day and she was able to get me aligned and feeling GREAT! I cant say enough good. The women at the front desk are also angels! Highly recommended.
Amy Taylor
Massages here are fantastic. Sam and Savannah both release knots on my muscles so I can move more easily and pain free. They have both been able to inform me of muscle issues I was unaware of and later had checked with ultrasound to discover they were correct. If you want to lessen pain, move more easily and feel relaxed - relieve stress, go AISST for a massage! Enjoy! Make you a priority, you deserve it.
Daverine Du Toit
Richelle Roosman
I have had great success with Shaun for a few issues. Very professional and personable. He always explains the process and any other question I might have about my treatment.
Bev Cunningham
Shaun has fixed my neck and shoulder issues that I’ve spent YEARS living with and trying to resolve. Can’t thank him enough!!!
Robert Fournier
I have found over the past year Alberta Spine and Sport to be professional and courteous. Their medical staff have greatly assisted in my shoulder injury recovery. I really appreciate this.
Kristina Piche
Highly recommend Sean for physiotherapy, great staff, super friendly!!
Faustina Jokl
Dr. Hicke and Dr. Robertson have magical hands. They pulled me out of bad and scary back pain as well as tennis elbow pain (which was crucial to deal with due to nature of my work) within a few weeks of my first appointment. I have nothing but good things to say about the team and their work.
Jim Adrian
Staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly.