We need to add an information privacy policy to the website – please include on our contact us page.


Alberta Institute for Spine and Sport Therapy (AISST), uses discloses, retains and disposes of your personal information in compliance with federal and provincial privacy legislation and applicable college regulations.

Please be advised that we use and disclose your personal information
in the following ways:

• To assess your health concerns, advise you of options and provide healthcare
• To communicate with other treating healthcare providers, including your physician
• To obtain diagnostic test results pertinent to your reason for treatment
• To complete insurance claims
• To invoice for goods and services
• To collect unpaid accounts and process credit card payments
• To comply with the legislation
• To contact you about services you have received or services we’re offering. This may include (without limitation); follow-up calls or appointment reminders, newsletters, and notices of special events.

Personal information will not be released to any other party without the appropriate authorization from the patient or legal guardian, aside from disclosures to other health service providers.