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Aberta Sport and Spine is a first rate all encompassing practice. Paul is great and can definitely make a difference if you’re experiencing any seri...

Blair Cartwright, Okotoks


Our family has been seeing Dr Hickey for a number of years. Very happy with the service and the care and attention to each of our specific needs. Very...

Clayton Monkman, Okotoks


I’m so happy to have discovered Alberta Institute for spine and sport therapy. They have Amazing customer service and Dr. Hicke and his team are all...

nicole labelle, Okotoks


Dr Hickey is amazing, I play football and he has helped me with the rehab and adjustments for my body throughout my career. He’s always kept me read...

Cody Thompson, Okotoks


I have experienced such incredible relief from years of pain and headaches by going to Paul, my chiropractor! He is such a skilled chiropractor who pu...

Aimee Stelter, Okotoks

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I suffered for many years with unbearable back pain from three bulging discs, a curved spine and a lower back loaded with arthritis . I struggled doing anything physical and my quality of life was going down hill fast. Over the years I received treatment from no less than a dozen different chiropractors with no lasting results then around twenty years ago I met with Dr. Hicke and quickly became his patient. He started me with chiropractic adjustments, ART ( Active Release Treatment ) when needed as well as treatments on his decompression table and it wasn’t long before I experienced positive results. I am now able to play golf twice a week, ride my motorcycle and do my yard work without suffering excruciating pain. I’m to the point now where I receive treatment from Dr. Hicke no more than four to five times a year and life is now good. I can’t thank Dr. Hicke enough as I am able to enjoy my retirement . Doug Rash
Okotoks, AB
I am 62 years old and live on a farm. Normally I am very active with lots of farm work to do. I am also an avid Team Roper.
Approximately 1 year ago I injured my lower back cutting trees with a chainsaw on top of a ladder. The pain in my lower back and my left inner thigh / groin was unbearable. I was unable to sleep, let alone perform any physical activity. I went to several doctors, physio and other chiropractors to try to get some relief. Nothing worked and I was gobbling pain killers.
A friend of mine got tired of watching me in agony and referred me to Paul. I reluctantly went for an assessment since I thought nothing could help me.
Paul not only relieved my pain, but predicted exactly when I would be ‘out’ of the woods’. It took several visits and the ART was painful, but the result was well worth it. I don’t take pain killers anymore and have resumed all activities.
Paul saved my life, and I whole heartedly recommend him to anyone living with pain.Howie Dixon
Okotoks, AB
Last fall I had severe back pain.I visited my doctor and was sent for xrays. He said I had severe lower back problems and was unable to do anything for me.
Reading the newspaper I saw the add for spinal decompression. I vsited DR.Hicke .He reviewed my xrays and wasn’t sure if he could do anything but if I was willing to give it a try we could start the treatments and see what happens. He suggested we start with 10 treatments. I showed some improvement so we did a further 10 treatments. After completing the full treatment of ART & DRX I’m not pain free but it is 100% better.B. Nicholls
I came to Dr. Hicke during the summer of 2014 at 29 yrs old unable to sit, stand, walk or drive without excruciating pain because of a herniated disc. I had 4 children under the age of 8 and couldn’t care for them because of constant pain in my back and shooting pain down my legs. Painkillers didn’t work and the doctors I had seen previously weren’t helping.
Dr. Hicke started out by doing ART treatments twice a week because I had lost the curve in my spine. It was the most painful thing I had ever had done to me. I both hated and loved seeing Dr. Hicke. Slowly the curve in my spine came back.
While my spine was getting better, the sciatic pain shooting down my legs still made it almost impossible to walk without wanting to cry. Dr. Hicke suggested that we try putting me on the DRX. Twice a week I could get strapped down while the DRX stretched my back trying to take the pressure off my sciatic nerve. There were many days when I thought I’d never be able to move freely again.
After many months of ART and DRX I am finally able to do everything I dreamed of during the 7 months of constant pain. I can play with my kids again and I credit it all to Dr. Hicke and his DRX machine.M. Moore
Calgary, AB
I was rushed to Rockyview Hospital in Calgary on 1st January 2007. I was diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis (flesh eating disease) and had a few operations to remove the infection in my right arm.
After hospital I had a long road of recovery with physiotherapy and regaining strength in my right arm.
After physiotherapy I went to massage to try and break up the unused tissue in my right shoulder. Amber Taylor was excellent and helped me greatly. It was suggested that I see Dr Hicke (or Doctor H as I call him) and did extensive ART. At this stage I had a right frozen shoulder and the ART was very painful. We got through it together with laughs before and after. At one time I was in so much pain Paul leaned over and said “OK give me your wallet” I laughed and said “Take it just leave me alone you bully!” it was a great diversion and we worked on a few ART’s after that to correct the frozen shoulder.
I now have full use of my right arm as if it was not subject to any surgery.
As a law enforcement officer wearing a utility belt I still attend at Dr H’s for regular “cracking” adjustment.
I have went in with sore heads, strained muscles and literally skipped out after my adjustments.
Thanks Paul.Grant Love
Like most people before their first visit, I was sceptical of chiropractors and was more concerned that I would end up with a broken neck than feeling better. However, I had some pretty bad lower back pain that reoccurred constantly and my father-in-law had recommended Dr. Hicke for treatment. Just in the first consultation, Dr. Hicke had outlined what he thought the root problem was (who knew the residual effects of a car accident can creep back months later!), what he recommended for treatment and set aside my concerns of a broken neck.
Fast forward a couple of months and a good number of treatments, Dr. Hicke and his team of massage therapists were able to get my back into shape that I could pick up anything (including my infant son) without serious pain and discomfort.
I’ve been recommending Dr. Hicke to all my Okotoks and Calgary-area colleagues ever since.
Thanks Paul!Jordi Selk
I lead an active sporting life; due to my lifestyle I experience general aches and stiffness. These conditions and symptoms sometimes inhibit or reduce my sporting performance. Having visited Dr. Hicke he eased the stiffness, relieved the tension and importantly assessed me as having no real problems. This gave me confidence to continue in my sporting life knowing that Dr. Hicke can relieve the stress sports bring. For any active / physical person who picks us aches and pains – Don’t suffer them; get expert treatment from Dr. Hicke. Your life and performance will be enhanced.Tom
I hurt my lower back at work, could hardly walk. Pain out of 10 was a 9.5! Came to see Dr. Hicke and he sent me for an X-Ray. After he saw me again, my bottom 2 vertebrae were touching, hurt like hell. He said in time he could fix me almost back to normal. After many treatments and some stretching on his machine we eventually got my back to about 90 percent. I have felt pretty good since and am back for adjustment because I still do dumb things like fall off a scaffolding. Besides the pain, I think that Dr. Hicke did a great job and I thank him for his expertise.Mark T.
I am now nearly 55 years old. I started receiving regular chiro treatments from Dr Paul Hicke in 1997 (15 years ago) when he opened his clinic in Okotoks.
Prior to that I had been to many other chiropractors to aid in my problems from many years of sports and work injuries; not to mention everyday stress and strain on the body. Because of the nature and extent of my misalignments and past injuries I am a difficult man to adjust. I had not found anyone who had the technique and strength to effectively treat me fully. God led me to Paul and immediately he conducted a thorough examination and proceeded to effectively relieve all my aches and pains originating from skeletal misalignment and soft tissue injuries. From that time my relief has continued, and I plan to keep up regular maintenance and also ‘immediate-need’ treatments.
Paul has many various techniques to match the individual patient. In addition to myself I had Dr Paul treat my then 3 year old daughter who periodically told me about aches and pains. For being that age I assumed this was mostly from “growing pains”. After each adjustment she was immediately more “alive”, active, and cheerful. From knowing the relief she felt from chiro, she would then tell me when she “needed Dr Paul”. With the help of maintenance adjustments she grew healthy, strong, and happy.
Paul and his staff live out Christian values congenially with evident moral, ethical, and professional standards.Roy Wieler
After thirty years of controlled back pain, this winter I hurt it seriously again. I saw a chiropractor in California who was helpful, but when I came back to Calgary, I tried a couple of different ones with no relief. By the time I went to see Dr. Hicke sciatic pain had begun to travel down my leg and I was very stiff and tight and in constant pain. Dr. Hicke immediately diagnosed not only the spinal issue but muscle damage I have had since falling off a ladder five years previously. He has not only effectively adjusted my spine, but also been applying ART to the damaged muscles, relieving a lot of pain right from the first visit, and allowing me to stretch in ways I haven’t for five years. I highly recommend Dr. Hicke to others.John Attwood
When I first moved to Okotoks in 2004, I joined a gym for strength training. One of the perks was that they would write programs for us, to help keep us on track and to challenge us.
I think the advancement of increasing weights was too rapid for me, as one visit resulted in a soft tissue injury in my lower back, it got so bad that I could not sit more than 5 minutes in one spot. After several days in increasing pain I was flipping through the newspaper and saw Paul’s (Dr. Hicke) article on ART – active release therapy.
My initial visit was good, although painful. After a couples of weeks of ART therapy, my back evened out and I was able to function normally again. I believe without this treatment I would not have been able to regain my normal lifestyle in such a short time.Joanne N.
I met Dr Hicke 7 years ago when my daughter was receiving treatment. I had some issues that needed addressing but was always too afraid of treatment. I finally went ahead and booked my initial assessment and haven’t looked back. I have no idea why I worried so much, Dr Hicke made me feel at ease, explained everything so that I could understand and my treatments have been so successful, my only regret is that I didn’t do it a few years earlier. I would recommend Dr Hicke to everyone, thank you so much for my current health.Tracey Lee
Dr. Hicke has changed my life. I had been suffering from lower back pain since the birth of my first child. I had lived with the pain and the restrictions for many years. Thinking I had no choice. I was recommended to Dr. Hicke, who worked on breaking down the problem. With regular adjustments and muscle realignment. I went from feeling I was 80yrs old, to my present age – 30 yrs younger! It is amazing the treatment that Dr. Hicke can do for you. He has also fixed my plantar fasciitis I had in my foot, enabling me to walk properly. It truly is amazing how much he has done for me with regular adjustments, and ART. Thank-you Dr. Hicke. The staff is amazing always make you feel welcome.Mrs. Julie Muller
Okotoks, AB
I broke my knee in a freak accident over six years ago. It was a particularly bad break as the impact was on the outer side of my knee. The surgeons tried a repair with titanium plates, screws and a bone graft. It was non weight bearing for 6 months. I was in a plaster cast from hip to toe and confined to a wheel chair. The surgery didn’t work so I had a total knee replacement which became infected so they had to open up the knee to pack it with antibiotics. I have subsequently had a patella resurfacing. All in all the same incision has been opened five times leaving a horrific scar which was red/purple with lots of adhesions which were puckered. My movement was severely restricted. I went to see Dr. Hicke on the recommendation of a friend. I didn’t think he would be able to do anything with it but he has transformed the scar and my life over the past few months. At first I had to go twice a week and Dr. Hicke manipulated the scar and muscles. Which I must say was extremely painful at first. He gave me exercises to do, which I have done religiously. The knee now looks like a normal knee that has had surgery and not a Frankenstein body part! My movement is much freer and I have dropped my pain medication over the last few months from four lots per day to zero over the last week. I must say Dr. Hicke was very upfront from the beginning and said he didn’t know how long he would have to treat me to get results. All I can say is it has been worth it and I would whole heartedly recommend Dr. Hicke to anyone.
To Dr. Paul Hicke,
I have been a patient of Dr. Hicke for the past ten years and couldn’t ask for a more professional and capable chiropractor who genuinely cares about my well being .
I have problems in my lower back that consist of bulging discs, several degenerating vertebrae a curved spine along with arthritis which in turn has left me with sciatica and constant pain.
Over the past twenty years I have met with neurologists with the hopes they would perform an operation on me that would finally leave me pain free but was told my back wasn’t in bad enough shape to warrant an operation. After my final visit a few years ago at a clinic owned by a number of neurologists I was informed there was nothing they could do to correct my spinal problems and I’d just have to live with the pain.
I retired three years ago and my dreams were to play golf and ride my motorcycle as well as perform the basic chores needed to take care of my yard work.
With no possibility of medical procedures correcting my problems I continue to rely on Dr. Hicke to literally keep me going and, in the process, improve my quality of life. This he does through a number of procedures ranging from spinal adjustments to active release to decompression therapy.
This combination of treatments has allowed me to play a weekly round of golf, ride my motorcycle and perform odd jobs around the yard.
With the ongoing treatments from Dr. Hicke I am able to enjoy my retirement so I thank you very much Dr. Hicke and I look forward to seeing you again.
I would also like to thank the staff at Southridge Chiropractic Centre as they have always been helpful, efficient, respectful and pleasant.Doug Rash
Calgary, AB
Twenty years ago I had back surgery and now live with metal rods, screws and a bone graft in my back. For years after the surgery I suffered from increasing muscle pain to the extent that I needed medical botox injections to control the muscle spasms. I always joked that I had no wrinkles on my back. It was no joke however when the physician who was injecting me accidentally punctured my lung. Not so much fun!
After that adventure I was looking for an alternative and a sports medicine physician, Dr. Jim Thorne, suggested I research Active Release. This treatment became my lifeline. Without Active Release I would not be able to enjoy my life and all the activities I engage in. Sure the treatment itself hurts but it hurts “good” and the benefit is so worth it! I am very active and am able to enjoy every day pain free….what a blessing. I don’t think people can fully understand this unless they have experienced it.
My advice to anyone looking for an Active Release practitioner is to do your homework, I did. Not all Chiropractors practice Active Release and not all continue to upgrade their skills. I give Dr. Hicke a 10 out of 10.
Okotoks, AB
Paul Hicke started treating us( as in our entire family of 6) approx 5 years ago. Our first experience was for one of our 4 sons. He was a starter for a University football team and had torn his hamstring , actually a total separation and the prognosis from the head trainers from the football team and their Dr. was that the injury was severe and he was done for the season”. For our son and for us this was devastating news. And news we just couldn’t accept. So with the recommendation from several professionals, teachers and friends ,we booked an appointment with Dr. Hicke and have never looked back. In what should have taken three months to repair, took 3 weeks. It was an intense sessions of aggressive and varied treatments which enabled our son to get back to the game in record time.
We are a very active sports minded family. Our children play for National and Provincial sports teams and we all do a lot of outside activities. And because of this we find ourselves in need of their expertise. His entire team work together to repair our broken bodies as quickly and as professionally as possible. Dr. Hicke goes beyond the call of duty and because of that we have also referred several friends and colleagues for help. On one occasion our friend was able to cancel a surgery booking because of the total success with Dr. Hicke and his team of professionals. And on several occasions we have brought our sons home after injuries because we do not want anyone but Dr. Hicke to treat them. That alone speaks volumes to the success rate of the team at Southridge Village Chiropractic Centre. We are eternally grateful for their help and the benefits they have given to our family. We will continue to refer anyone who needs true success and physical support with an injury or degenerative issue with their body. And they will always be our ” GO TO TEAM” for many years to come.The Hassler's
“You took our baby where?” I asked as my wife explained why our infant was no longer crying during car rides. She had been to the chiropractor. I should go too, I was told. At the time I was suffering from a reoccurring injury and debilitating back and rib pain (once per month on average) and leave me literally unable to get off the floor all day.
I was however a skeptic. Doctors had prescribed pain killers and told me my old intercostal rib sports injury was something I would have to live with. I was frequently in pain, my quality of life was down, and I would not even pick up my daughter without fearing a debilitating painful episode. What could a chiropractor possibly do?
Dr. Hicke spent time explaining chiropractic theory and answering my questions until I felt comfortable with the idea. He was very disarming and made the experience and environment a good one. So what results did I experience?
Pain, progress and power were to follow for me:
Pain – Let me say that my first six weeks were filled with more than mild “discomfort” as Dr. Hicke used his Graston technique and other methods to break up old scar tissue and provide my injured ribs more mobility.
Progress – I began to gradually notice improvements (including faster healing from re-injury and lessening frequency of the same).
Power – Finally free of fear, free from regular reinjury it has been several years since any flare up of the old pain. I play with my growing kids, I work out with freedom again. I feel great.
I can confidently and personally recommend to the skeptical: take a journey there and back again and discover a new way of living for yourself.Chad Graham
I work with my hands all day and so the bones in my wrists jam up and my thumbs ache. I get regular adjustments and ART when needed. Even though I groan and cry when receiving treatments, it keeps me going and is SO worth the pain of the treatments. If not for the work he does, I would not be able to continue doing my job.Janet S.
Dr. Paul Hicke has truly changed our lives! Yes, both Fred and I! For years I have had to go to a chiropractor every few months for my back. I had a trouble spot in the middle of my back, which lead down to my left hip and leg. Dr. Hicke knew right away how to fix it and in just a short time I was better! The best part was that I never felt stiff and sore after a treatment. I was beginning to really worry that I might need an operation one day. Now I am feeling great and haven’t been back to see him for a long time! Now about my husband, Fred has had neck problems for years, but had gotten worse in the last 2 years! I had to drag him in to see Dr. Hicke. At that time Fred was in a lot of pain. After only 8 treatments of ‘Active Release’ Fred’s neck is better. He used to have to turn his whole body to look behind him. But now he can turn his head! We are so happy we found Dr. Hicke. His staff is wonderful too! They’re always friendly and make us feel welcome. We’ve never had had to wait very long for our appointments! We want to recommend Dr. Hicke to Everyone!!Fred & Melba Fabick
Okotoks, AB
I started seeing Dr. Hicke a year ago for a lower back problem. I have had this issue for many years and have seen many different Chiropractors. They always would adjust me and relieve the symptoms somewhat for a short period of time. These symptoms had progressively gotten worse until nothing was helping. I am a mother of 5 kids and am physically active, but it was so bad I could hardly get out of bed in the morning.
A friend told me about Dr. Hicke and I decided he was my last resort, I was desperate. His office was able to book my appt. right away and I was evaluated. Dr. Hicke’s treatment was a combination of ART and the DRX bed. I had 6 treatments of each, and I must say, during ART I was in the most pain I have ever been in!! I told him he needed to keep an anesthesiologist on staff to give epidurals!! I’m not the only one who thinks this. You will often hear cries of pain coming from the treatment rooms!! Good news is, it is worth it. I rarely have back pain now and if I do, Dr. Paul (as we lovingly refer to him!) is able to give me a treatment and I feel great!!
Incidentally I also had a knee injury that happened at Christmas time this last year. I won’t fill you in on the details of the injury, but let’s just say my Husband was in the dog house! I was in a full Zimmer splint and crutches for 2 weeks and was looking at surgery to repair the damage that was done. Once I got the Ok from the specialist to begin to try rehab I immediately saw Dr. Hicke. Through intensive treatment, guidance from Dr. Hicke and a lot of work on my part, I may have avoided surgery all together. My knee is continuing to improve and is almost back to normal. Again, very painful during the treatments, I think I actually cried a couple times, but all worth it.
My Husband and all my kids see him and I feel like he is actually fixing problems they may have instead of just relieving symptoms. My husband has a shoulder that gives him grief and has for years. Dr. Hicke is helping him with that where Dr.’s and Physio therapists have failed. My son plays football and had an Achilles injury that was making it difficult for him to run. After about 4 treatments he was good to go.
He really has made a huge difference in our family’s lives. If you don’t have your health, nothing else matters. I have and will continue to recommend him. His staff is always pleasant and very accommodating. We are so grateful for his knowledge and that he lives right here in Okotoks!! We think of him not only as a health care provider, but as our friend and someone who is genuinely concerned about our well being.
Thanks Dr. PaulKeri Uwazny
Okotoks, AB
I was only about 27 years old when my shoulder had given up after years of abuse – or so I thought. I have played a lot of volleyball and baseball over the years and I figured because of I what I had done to my shoulder the damage was done and there was nothing I could do about it. At that point I could not raise my hand over my head without pain! I saw a physiotherapist 2 times a week for about 6 six weeks and we got my should to a place where I didn’t have pain everyday, but it was a lot of work and I wasn’t back to 100% for sure.

It wasn’t until about three years after that I found Paul. Of course due to all of the overhead repetitive motions of volleyball and baseball there was A LOT of scar tissue built up in there but with a few painful treatments of Active Release (ART) I was back to 100% for sure. I can be physical and play the sports that I love without fear!
I wonder now why I hadn’t done more research, why someone didn’t tell me about Dr. Hicke and wished that someone had!
Thanks Paul!G. Amyotte
Okotoks, AB

You don’t need me to tell you that lower back pain is excruciating – no doubt that’s the reason you are reading this. However, I can tell you that booking an appointment with Dr. Paul Hicke could really be the ‘beginning of the End’ of your back pain.
A little over a year ago I literally staggered in to Paul’s office for my first appointment. I don’t remember exactly what he told me but in layman’s terms it was ‘you back is a mess’. I already knew that, it had been that way for nearly 20 years. What I wanted to know what he could do about it. When he told me that not only could he resolve my immediate issue but prevent it from coming back. I have to be honest I didn’t believe him. Why would he be different from the physio’s and chiropractors I had visited before? The answer is Active Release Therapy (ART). Achieving Dr. Hicke’s prognosis wasn’t easy, for me anyway; ART hurts, a lot, at least in the early stages. But I can tell you that the pain is temporary. ART works and it is so worth it.
I have been completely pain free in my lower back for the last year – the first in nearly 20! Pick up the phone now – It really can change your life.Alex Stokes
Okotoks, AB
I was referred to Dr. Hicke because my lower back had seized up so badly I couldn’t bend over the sink to brush my teeth. I had never experienced such pain and previous chiropractic care and massage therapy hadn’t helped.
Dr. Hicke’s treatment combination of ART (active release therapy – this was painful for my but very, very effective) manual adjustments and exercises to do at home, fixed my back and brought me back to life 100%.
Dr. Hicke is very knowledgeable and a great symptom solver. He is encouraging with kind words and challenges you to work harder when you need to. He is a champion for your health.Tamera K.
Okotoks, AB
Dr. Hicke was one of the key contributors to my recovery through his superior clinical skills, knowledge and encouragement throughout the past ten years. Dr. Hicke has been most generous with his time and expertise, helping me to recover much of my strength and flexibility. His use of chiropractic adjustments, active release therapy and deep massage has resulted in progress even now, after ten years.Chris Thompson
Okotoks, AB
So here I am, out ice fishing with a friend.
We have this 2-man ice auger, but hey, I can handle this thing on my own. So while Pat is checking the lines, I’m drilling a new hole. Nice, firm ice, all 3 feet of it. I’m bent over pretty far when the auger finally breaks through, and I’m catching it so the engine won’t hit the ice. And that’s when it happens: It feels like a piece of paper is tearing in my lower back. And then comes the pain – but I’m prepared and take two of the extra strength pain killers I’ve packed, and we keep going.
That night, and the couple of nights after, I am in the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life. It’s like every muscle in my thighs all of a sudden has a mind of its own , and they all happily cramp away like they’re getting paid for it. Aside from that, I get the distinct impression that somebody is trying to pry my kneecaps off. I fall asleep from exhaustion now and then, but I sleep an hour or two at most and then I wake up again thanks to the kneecap guy. My over-the-counter pain killers are just useless.
Finally I can’t take it anymore and go to the walk-in clinic: Herniated disc, and the pressure on the nerves is what is creating this havoc. But at least, thanks to the stronger meds, I can now sleep for 3 hours – this thing just won’t settle on its own.
I’ve been at Paul’s before, but only occasionally when my back hurt really bad. One phone call and I have an appointment, and Paul shows me a nice picture of my shifted vertebra – impressive what you can do to your back. He suggests using his torture apparatus, just like the middle ages; these days the rack is controlled by a computer, but otherwise it works pretty much the same. The outcome is different, though. Paul also works his ARTful magic on my thigh muscles and my back (not that this was painless), and low and behold, the kneecap guy takes a leave – for good as it would seem. A series of treatments later, and after regular maintenance visits to the ARTist, I sleep like a baby, I can jump over creeks when out hunting or hiking, do garden work and am now, over a year later, as mobile as I was before, if not more. I do watch my back carefully (no more stupid stuff), and I see Paul every 4 weeks for maintenance – my body is on a steady path of improvement.Siegfried Honsek
By the time I met Dr. Hicke on January 24, 2013, I was in terrible shape with my back going into continual painful spasms.
My back had a long history starting with me going into occasional spasms from the time I was about 20 years old. In the early years I really had to stress my back for the spasms to occur. But the pains increased in duration as the years progressed until ultimately very little physical effort was required for spasms of long duration to occur.
In 2012 my husband died, I sold the farm in Saskatchewan and moved to Okotoks. The stresses of the situation and the physical effort of the move had made the back spasms unbearable when, by happenstance, I drove by Dr. Hicke’s clinic and went in hoping for some relief.
Dr. Hicke found that I had fascial adhesions and rib misalignment. He administered chiropractic adjustments, active release therapy and mostly fascial manipulation. The relief to my back began after the first treatment, when I had my first pain free day in a long time. My back continued to improve and by March 19, when I began seeing Dr. Hicke only one a month the pain was very mild and only occur once in a while.
It is now August. I have been totally free of back pain for I believe two or three months. I have become very active again. I will continue seeing Dr. Hicke every month to keep the situation in check. I would like to thank Dr. Hicke for giving me back my quality of life and believe he should be deified or at least canonized for the work he does.Irene Horn
I was in a car accident many years ago and suffered whiplash. My right shoulder had been causing me pain for over 15 years! Sleepless nights were a ‘norm’. After moving to Okotoks, a friend recommended Dr. Hicke. I have to say I really doubtful he could help me as I’d been having physio for years. Paul Hicke assessed my situation and proceeded to treat me. ART is painful, in fact at times I cried, but it really works. After several treatments two of three times a week I was/am completely pain free. It was like a miracle! I can’t thank Dr. Hicke enough.
Dr. Hicke has since ‘saved’ me several times including release muscles in my neck that were causing pain (that pain disappeared immediately during the adjustment) and also realigning ribs that had got out of alignment. He’s also helped me in an ‘emergency’ when I was due to zip-line on a Sunday and I’d hurt my back on the previous Wednesday at a workout class and literally couldn’t move. With some ART and an adjustment I was able to conquer the 7 lines on the Zip Tour.
I continue to attend the clinic for adjustments and massages (the ladies that do the massages are also great) and I can’t say enough to thank Dr. Hicke and all his staff for all they’ve done for me.
Thanks again!Lesley Cole
Okotoks, AB
I have been living with left shoulder pain for at least 18years. An old sport injury that caused a constant nagging pain. I was referred to Paul by a gentleman at work. After our sessions with Paul’s technique and use of ART® and Fascial Manipulation my shoulder has not been this pain free for long time. The therapy was something that did cause some pain however the end result proved to me that is was worth in.
I am in the mechanical trades and am a wanna be athlete so having my shoulder feel good, is exciting. And I am left handed so… Perfect!Ivan B.
I went to Dr. Hicke based on a family referral with skepticism. I had been in consult with my doctor for over 3 years and on daily prescription pain medication to help me function daily. I am 24 years old and have had shoulder, back, hips and knees issues with an unknown origin. Debilitating enough to prevent me from doing the things that I like to do: sports, hike, run let alone the daily things like sleep, work, and socialize. My pain was making me insane and my doctor referred me to many specialist to help diagnose and treat my pain: podiatrist, chiriprators, sports medicine, rheumatologist, back clinic, surgeon, internal medicine, and a few others I have forgotten over the years. I have had many scans or diagnostics as you can imagine to all areas of my body. You can see how this could be exhausting and emotional for someone my age so I was even put on anti depressants to help me cope with the pain and stress of all of this. I went to Hicke on a whim to see what he could do for me. He began ART for the past 4 months. I started out with 2 treatments a week and have it down to once a week now. He focussed on a few areas at a time and treated each area when one was manageable. He did state I was a complicated case for my age and that my injuries had been related to contact sport and injury. When I first started ART with Hicke, I won’t lie, it was painful but tolerable. But as each week past I was feeling results. By week 4- I was weaning myself off my pain meds. By the time month 2 came around I was off all meds and started to sleep through the night for the first time in 3 years. By month 2 I began to go back to the gym and do cardio. My mood has improved and all those around me can see it. My pain had improved greatly and in some areas went away completely. I am starting to see my future, where I could not before this treatment as I was at the end of my rope. I thank him for his knowledge and expertise into my situation and I would recommend anyone to him.Dylan Peters