Athletic taping

Taping is a treatment option that can provide benefits during rehabilitation and athletic performance when done properly

What types of athletic taping do you do?

In general, there are two different forms of athletic taping: flexible and stiff.

Flexible tape such as kinesiology tape allows for normal movement while providing some mild to moderate support, giving sensory feedback regarding posture, offloading strained muscles, and improving circulation.

Stiff tapes such as athletic tape and leukotape, provides much greater support and can be used to limit movement as a means of protecting injured tissues. This kind of taping is commonly called ‘strapping’ and is often used to keep athletes playing even though they have joint hypermobility or tendon/ligament sprains.

Taping is a low-risk treatment option that can provide major benefit and can be a crucial part of the reintegration process for an athlete back to their sport or a worker going back to their job.