Rachelle Berg, Okotoks Physiotherapist

Rachelle Berg, PT Intern, MScPT, BSc (Health Sciences)

Rachelle graduated with her Bachelor of Health Sciences from Mount Royal University and her Master of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Alberta. She has worked with a variety of patients, but has always been excited to combine her knowledge of dance with her physiotherapy education. She particularly has a passion to help dancers prevent injuries from becoming chronic. She is also passionate about helping all athletes achieve their goals, return to sport, and remain injury free.

Along with her physiotherapy training, Rachelle has completed an Advanced Orthopedic Massage certificate. She also has experience dealing with injuries – particularly in the back and shoulder. Rachelle has plans to pursue Active Release Therapy training, Kinesio-Taping, and Lisa Howell’s Teacher Training (for dancers). Rachelle has a significant dance background including: completing the Advanced One RAD Ballet Exam, completing the Advanced One ISTD Modern exam, technical training in ballet and modern, and extensive performance experience.